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HUTIRA is a Czech, private company with more than 28 years of tradition, providing a wide range of production and supply solutions for power engineering not only in the Czech Republic. International subsidiaries operate in Slovakia, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia.

In the water section, the company focused on the development and production of a unique Crystal Clear Water treatment solution and the manufacture and sale of water meter shafts.

To maximize the use of surface water and deep-water wells, our company has developed the technology to adapt these resources to quality drinking water.

Based on new facts of physical and chemical processes in water, we work with the latest coagulants and sorbents. Our water treatment plants we have automatic remote access control.

We guarantee proven cost savings for drinking water. We place great emphasis on low energy consumption. According to the input parameters of the water source, we propose the optimal solution. We support the concept of sustainable development.

Our goal

The goal of our company is to improve water management,

make better use of surface water and ensure water supplies to areas lacking drinking water or poor drinking water quality.


Great results

Effective purification
of very polluted water

make better use of surface water and ensure water supplies to areas lacking drinking water or poor drinking water quality.

Product benefits

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Drinking and service water to the required places

Our technology brings water to places lacking in high-quality clean water. Suitable for surface and deep water treatment, as well as highly polluted water.


Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly solution

Thanks to economic production, easy assembly, simple quick service, low energy costs and long service life, we guarantee fast return on investment.


Mobile variable solution tailored to client needs

Thanks to its small dimensions, water treatment plants can be quickly placed in the required areas without or with a temporary interruption of supply of good quality drinking and service water.


Our service

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Assessment of the water source

We will carry out an accredited water sampling, provide water analysis in an accredited laboratory, assess the water quality and propose an optimal water treatment solution. Design documentation, production, and supply of water treatment plant, commissioning and training of the operator with subsequent service. The parameters of treated water comply with Decree No. 252/2004 Coll. Designing water treatment plants with modern technology design.

Technology performance

We will conduct an assessment of the overall state of the existing technology, leak tightness tests, age-related critical evaluations, and technology reliability. We also assess current technology in relation to current legislation.

Energy savings

The overall assessment of the condition of the water treatment plant with an energy analysis of electricity consumption of existing electrical apparatus (e.g. pumps). Current modern new technologies are more energy efficient. On the basis of the identified facts, we will propose the optimization of the technological system with the calculation of saving and return on investment.

Polymer disinfection

We use highly effective polymer disinfection. This disinfection does not contain chlorine, phenols or other harmful substances. Disinfection in water destroys bacteria, viruses, molds, and algae. It has a long-term effect, eliminates dangerous Legionella pneumophila bacteria, and does not damage the materials (it is not corrosive). Use: hot water distribution, technological water hygiene, cooling towers, disinfection of drinking and service water pipes, cleaning of pipes contaminated with organic impurities.

Modernization of technologies

Intensification, modernization, automation of existing technologies for potable and process water treatment.

Technology repairs

Repair, the overhaul of old pressure filters. Replacement of pumps, valves, and piping for pool and water technology repairs.

Expert opinions

We will give a professional opinion to municipalities with drinking water shortages or insufficient drinking water quality, who can benefit from subsidy programs provided by the Ministry of the Environment for the research, support, and building of drinking water sources.


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in a modern environment

In house new modern workshop
as part of the research and development process
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