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Water Treatment

Modular water treatment system - quick technology assembly consisting of individual modules according to the input parameters

The treatment system is composed of individual modules (e.g., Pre-filtration, the pressure filter module, correction reagent dispensing module…), which can be assembled and installed according to the water input parameters.

Even during operation, it is possible to increase the capacity with the minimum investment just by adding another module.



The raw water is pumped into the pre-filter, coagulants; flocculants are added to the water; the pH of the water is adjusted. Mechanical impurities are removed on the traction filters. Unstained substances will precipitate in the reaction tank. Subsequently, the water is pumped onto a set of selective pressure filters, where minor mechanical impurities, paint, odor and the content of undesirable substances (Fe, Mg, As, etc.) are removed. Final treatment is disinfection of treated water with UV radiation and securing its hygienic safety. The entire water treatment system operates in automatic mode. On customer's request, the system can be extended by remote administration.

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Technology many of possibilities.

We change the polluted water to clean where it is needed.

Big and medium size municipalities


Farm businesses, farms

Industrial use


The technical data depend on the water input parameters and the required output.
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