Hutira Crystal Clear Water

Mobile Trailer
Water 1500

Unique mobile treatment unit.
It can be put into operation within minutes.

Quick overview


1 unit has a capacity of up to 1,5 m3/h vody.

7 200

1 unit supplies up to 7 thousand people drinking water per day.

Possibility of immediate use with the supplied trailer.


Power input; can be connected to the electric network, generator or solar power supply.



The treatment unit is equipped with a submersible pump, coarse pre-filtration of mechanical impurities and subsequently pressure filters with selective fillings. Pre-treated water is chemically treated by dosing coagulants, pH correctors, or disinfectants. The dosing is provided by dosing pumps. The whole technology is designed to adapt the water treatment processes to the quality of the incoming water. Water treatment is based on the use of a unique pulsing clarifier technology. Mobile Trailer Water 1 500 removes mechanical impurities, iron, manganese, water hardness, turbidity, bacteria, (coliform, cultivable, EC, ...), viruses, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, organic pollutants, colloidal substances.

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Technology many of possibilities.

We change the polluted water to clean where it is needed.

Natural disasters

Armed forces

Humanitarian aid


Festivals, concerts



Unit size
2 600 x 1 500 x 2 500 mm

including trailer

Water capacity
1 - 1,5 m3/h
El. power consumption
2,5 kW

Lze napojit na el. síť, generátor či solární napájení.

Technical Specifications

Output Power consumption Weight Costs of treatment of
1m3 of water
Water consumption for
1 inhabitant by 5 l/day
Water consumption for
1 inhabitant by 100 l/day
1 500 l/h 2,5 kW 1 300 kg 5 Kč up to 7200 people up to 360 people
MapBrno, Czech republic


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